Activities & Events

Our many creative activities and events will benefit your mind, body and soul. You will BELIEVE you will thrive!

Exercise Classes
Outdoor walking around town
Weekly Spa Day
Bible Studies
Art & Music
Scrapbooking & Card Making
Wii Golf, Tennis & Bowling
Cards & Games

Happy Hour
Lunch Bunch

Church Services
Movie Nights
Indoor/Outdoor Gardening

Social Parties
Veranda Life
Out & About Events
Summer Outdoor Activities


Health & Wellness

Wellness is truly the combination of many factors that both strengthen and enhance the mind, body and spirit.  Wellness involves: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and purpose. The activities calendar is designed with all those factors in mind; it is not just “passing time”.

The Questover is intentionally designed with a walking path within our walls so our residents can take daily walks no matter the weather!  Walks are encouraged after each meal and always follow one of our daily exercise routines.  Canes, walkers and wheelchairs can all freely move about in our open and spacious layout.

Your health is monitored in a variety of ways.  Along with any physician orders our Resident Assistants will be observing daily: food and water intake, sleeping patterns, exercise and activity participation, and mood.

With the combination of all we offer we believe that you will thrive!

Dr. John Klosowski, our Concierge Physician will make home visits … keeping you healthy and saving your family worry and time!